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The Summoning Begins


Dan Michael Meehan described as a Seanchai after his first book, has done it again in this, his second book in the Summoning Series using his free-flowing style and associative nature of story-telling.   Meehan explains the very cost of winning coal deep below Bulli Mountain, the need to take over Turkish oil to feed a hungry navy fleet. How Lifeguard Chanan Clark faces his demons and in doing so, steels your heart.   Other stories include the tale of a doctor and a miner’s daughter and a single bullet that has their son, Frank Kane’s name on it. How the Critcher family waited in vain for news of their son Thomas. The Rixons evolution from British convicts to Australian pioneers. The last words of Art Clegg in his own handwriting. Edwin Morris’s last breath. David Goble - a fresh breeze from the Australian bush - wasted by military lunacy. The rise of Keith Murdoch. The legend of the Fighting Thirteenth begins.   You will be touched as a group of young French children in 2018 remember an Australian soldier buried in their communal cemetery for over 100 years.    When people care, things happen. Prepare to be Happily Flabbergasted once more.

The Summoning Begins eBook

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