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This site is the only place where you can purchase my works as an eBook, or if available, as a paperback. My three Non-Fiction Summoning Series books are here as well but the first two book are sold out. They are here as a paperback.

Here too is my first Fictional book The Captain and the  Slavers. At just over 96,000 words I hope that you enjoy it.

All paperback books sold, are personally signed by me. So, if you want your book made out to a person other than yourself, make sure you send me that name with your purchase.

The Captain and the  Slavers is a yarn with an historical theme. It may be set in the nineteenth century, but the issues it deals with are contemporary.

Equal rights, gender recognition, jobs for young people, exploitation, political corruption, drugs, addiction, and the environment. The environment is important to me. Always has been. Growing up on the coast in a steel and coal city, it is hard not to appreciate the land and how quickly it can change.

Dan Michael Meehan


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