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The Summoning of the Stones is a compelling true-life story with an ending so extraordinary, that it might just catch you unawares. Is it conceivable that the pulse of ancestral Celtic guidance can mingle with the forces of the ancient Australian Dreamtime?


The telling of The Summoning of the Stones was initially motivated by the reality of the shattered lives and ambitions, the unfulfilled promise of a young nation’s best, bravest and brightest. It soon became apparent their loss was entirely manipulated by a government’s belief in the dynasty of the British Empire. Once enlisted, the safety of young men was shown no regard and they were forced to face death over and over, directed by ominous and inept planners. Death was inevitable for many.


Despite the passing of 100 years, a truly remarkable spiritual return home to Country is contemplated for one of the fallen.

The author’s belief in family, his seduction into the world of ancestral Irish intervention and his own deep Australian beliefs. 


Never say never.


Extraordinary fingers are at play in Summoning the Stones.


If you feel belongings that can have no possible scientific explanation, or in the power of ancestors to guide your actions, this is a story for you.


If you are able to tune into your earliest origins and if you can listen to the deep heartbeat of Country, the ancient rhythm of Australia, you too will be captured by this uplifting story.

Summoning the Stones Paperback

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