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The world is not fair. Unscrupulous people are everywhere. Those who manipulate, lie and cheat others. They always seem to grow richer and become even more corrupt as their power and influence grows. Then there are those who do their bidding as if bullying others is an amusement for their own pleasure.
Sometimes extraordinary people come along. They are not influenced by greed. The Captain and the Manchester Slavers tells you what happens when you combine a kidnapping, a dashing detective, a fearsome warrior knife throwing woman, a gay couple as back up, government corruption, and slave trading during the 1820s in Britain? Step back in time and meet a new crime fighter - Captain Henry Luland. The Captain is dashing, delightful and charismatic. Aided by his lethal sister Edwina and the battle hardened duo of Ewan Raymond and Connor McNally, the team are hired when a popular young author -
Tommy Clarke - suddenly and mysteriously disappears. The plot thickens when it becomes apparent they are battling a most powerful crime figure whose corrupt meddling will stop at nothing to thwart them. The Captain and the Manchester Slavers is a brilliant new detective story that blends the
unique and the quirky. This novel is as exciting as it is fresh in its
boldness and audacity. This fast paced, historically accurate crime saga will carry you into both dark crevices untold and heart-warming relationships.
Read it if you dare...

The Captain and the Manchester Slavers

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