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The Power of the Stones explains a Wollongong family’s beginnings in colonial Australia. It is a story with a terrible past, growing from the events of Ireland’s Great Hunger, and the scourge of industrial madness which rapidly enveloped all that was once Scotland’s Midlothian rural landscape.


A child of this Australian pathway, Stan Meehan, of whom doctors said, ‘was the finest specimen’ of the Wollongong recruits to enlist in World War One, marched off to that dreadful war. After his sudden death following the horrors of Pozieres, his elite 13th Battalion lay him to rest in rural France in the village of Vaux en Amienois in the December of 1916.


100 years later, his great nephew, Dan Meehan, uncovers the amazing story of his Great Uncle soldier. Dan’s father was named after his uncle in 1922 and in doing so, unexpected tragedy suddenly enveloped the Meehan family once more. Was this because of ancient Bullaun Stones and a lingering Meehan family curse? If so, can the curse be broken?


Dan encounters by chance, a young Frenchwomen, Claudie Duwez whose much loved Grandfather served as a Gendarme during the Nuremberg Trials, served in Indochina and dedicated his life ensuring those who fought for France, would not be forgotten. It is as if she owes her grandfather and those who fought and died so that she could grow up in freedom. Claudie connects Dan with the village of Vaux en Amienois. So, begins an amazing series of events, which contemplates Stan’s spiritual return to Australia.


Next, through what she says is divine ancestral intervention, Dan connects with his Irish cousin, Paula Halcrow who now lives in Australia with her husband Ben and their two daughters, Kate and Elle. Paula’s brother Neil Devlin still lives in the same area as their shared ancestors in Castlederg, Northern Ireland. Paula orchestrates Dan’s Irish discovery of his past. She is convinced that it’s all being driven by the divine angel guidance of their ancestors.


Debbie Osgood, who has Meehan bloodlines as well as those from the Eora people, who first encountered the occupying British at Sydney, convince Dan that he is to tell the story of what was. That her Eora Aunties are guiding him to tell these stories. 


This begins a journey shrouded in ancient Celtic myth and legend, the First Australian people’s plight, the family tragedies of underground coal mining, the Great War, the beginnings of surf lifesaving and the role of modern communications making the world a very small place indeed.  The past can become the present.


This story will make your heart sing with what is possible, if you believe in the power of family, love and spirituality.




The Power of the Stones eBook

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