Set in the nineteenth century, step back in time and meet our newest crime fighter - Captain Henry Luland. The Captain is a dashing, delightful and charismatic new detective like none before. Aided by his formidable sister Edwina and the battle hardened duo of Ewan Raymond and Connor McNally, the team are hired when a popular young author suddenly and mysteriously disappears. The plot thickens when it becomes apparent they are battling a most powerful crime figure, whose corrupt meddling will stop at nothing to thwart them.


The Captain and The Slavers is a brilliant new detective concept that blends the unique and the quirky. This novel is historian Dan Michael Meehan’s first fictional novel. It is as exciting as it is fresh in its boldness and audacity. Meehan’s style entertains. Expect the unexpected.

The Captain and the Slavers eBook